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The adult ministry exists to draw us together as Kingdom builders in our lives, our homes, our jobs, our community, and our church. We strive to be continually growing in our relationship with Christ through prayer, studying His word, fellowship and service. Small Groups are a great way to grow in faith, practicing accountability and becoming stronger disciples for Christ.

Educational opportunities at FMUMC allow us to assemble, spend time in prayer, study the Bible, support mission activities, and have fun. Adult Sunday School classes are described below; classes meet at 9:30am. Our members feel comfortable asking questions and sharing thoughts about God's word. We encourage you to join a class.


Cornerstone (Room C12)

Sojourners (Room C2) 

Connections ( Room C10) 

  • Group Profile: Couples
  • Class Reps: Jean Graham972-821-7407

Serendipity (Room C20) 

  • Group Profile: Parents of young children
  • Class Rep: Jennifer Patrick - 214-729-9308




Christós Groups are small groups that meet in homes two times a month to fellowship, study and grow together in faith and discipleship.

Through Christós Groups you’ll find a more meaningful way to connect to our FMUMC church family, and you’ll grow spiritually as you learn more about how Christ has the power to change our lives and the world for the better.

Christos Interview Video from Trip Gotelli on Vimeo.

Christós Groups FAQs

What is a Christós Group?

Christós meaning “Christ” in Greek, are Christ-centered small groups. These are a way to connect with your church family, give and receive encouragement, and grow in faith and discipleship with others. In short, Christós Groups are where you can connect, grow and serve. 

What happens at a Christós Group meeting?

Meetings start with fellowship and a casual dinner before moving to the central component – discussion centered Bible study or other study which will strengthen your spiritual life. The meeting ends with prayer. No pressure. No stress. Just mutual support and encouragement.

How often do these groups meet? 

Groups meet two times a month and on the same schedule (i.e., second and fourth Thursdays from 7:00 to 9:00 pm).
You will be asked to select the days that you are available.

Where do Christós Groups meet?

Groups meet in member homes.

Why should I join a Christós Group? 

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to grow in our faith.  As such, here are three BIGreasons to join a Christos group!  

  1. Christos groups offer you a deeper, more meaningful way to connect to our FMUMC church family.
  2. You’ll grow spiritually as you learn more about how Christ has the power to change our lives and the world for the better.
  3. Belonging to a group that’s committed to listening to, sharing with, PRAYING for, and encouraging each other strengthens you to face the challenges of our complicated, stressful 21st century lives.

Who will be in my group?

You will be in a group with others living through similar life challenges and opportunities - married or single, children or no children, empty nesters to retired. Each group will offer natural connection points for you to share and encourage each other.

Do I have to be a member of FMUMC to join a Christós Group? 


Is childcare available?  

FMUMC provides childcare at the church on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 9:30 pm, providing enough time for parents to attend their Christós Group from 7 to 9 pm. If you join a group that does not meet either of those days, you will need to make other arrangements for childcare.

How long will my Christós Group stay together?

These groups are ongoing, choosing new studies every 6 to 8 weeks.

What if I want to join another group?

As it usually takes a few meetings for people to get to know each other, everyone who participates in Christós Groups will be asked commit to attending through the first study (6 to 8 meetings). But fit is important!  If after the initial commitment you feel mismatched, there will be an opportunity for you to join another group.

How do I get into a group? 

Register now! New groups form regularly! Please click here to be taken to the online registration form.

For More Information:

Please email Christós Groups Coordinator Angie McCoy at .


Walk to Emmaus

A Journey of Faith, a Journey for a Lifetime!

“It changed my life.”


“The Walk to Emmaus gave me time to pause and re-evaluate my priorities, what’s important to me.”


"I was getting burned out doing church-work, but I came home energized and on fire with a new attitude about doing the work of the church.”


“I always thought I was a Christian, but now I know I am!”


“I had three very special days getting to know Jesus in a new and different way.”


These are all things that have been said by individuals who have gone on a “Walk to Emmaus.” Are you surprised or is this what you’d expected? This 72-hour event is designed to strengthen the local church by making the participant a more faithful disciple and active member in their own church.

The Walk to Emmaus experience begins with a 72-hour short course in Christianity, comprised of fifteen talks by lay and clergy on the themes of God's grace, Christian discipleship, and what it means to be the church, the body of Christ. The 3-day experience is wrapped in prayer and meditation, special times of worship and daily celebration of Holy Communion. The Emmaus Walk typically begins on Thursday evening and concludes Sunday evening with men and women attending separate weekends.

For applications, Walk dates and locations, please check either the Dallas Emmaus Community website ( or the Denton Area Emmaus website (

For more information, contact Samantha Brem

There is also an informational book available in the church office.

For those who have already experienced the "Walk to Emmaus", please be sure to Update Your Contact Info at the Denton Area Emmaus website ( and contact Jill if you have any questions about serving as a Sponsor or on a Servant Team, finding a Reunion Group, or any other Emmaus related questions.