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Adult Discipleship

What is Discipleship | At FMUMC we define discipleship at the continual process of cultivating within us the very things Jesus embodied; namely love, mercy, compassion, and justice. 

What are Discipleship Groups | Discipleship groups take many different forms. Whether affinity groups, dinner groups, Sunday School classes, educational opportunities... whether you meet in a coffee shop, a church class room, in houses... whether you only study scripture, study and fellowship, or incorporate arts, music, or sport... discipleships are designed as safe, grace-full spaces that foster dialogue and conversation around how best we can incorporate our personal faith in Christ into our daily lives.

How do Discipleship Groups work at FMUMC? | We run discipleship groups on a semesterly rhythm. Each semester begins with a promotion and sign-up period for you to determine the perfect group or class that works best for your schedule and soul. 

Upcoming Discipleship Semester Dates 

Advent 2019 | Dec. 1st - Dec. 31st 

Spring  2020 | January 2019 - April 5th 

Summer 2020 | June 7th - August 23rd 

Ongoing Sunday School Classes

Cornerstone (Room C12)

  • Time: 9:30am
  • Group Profile: Multigenerational
  • Current Study: Understanding the gift of the Holy Spirit and the habits and practices that enable us to meaningfully engage the Spirit in our daily lives
  • Contact the Leader: Dave Farrish

Sojourners (Room C2) 

  • Time: 9:30am
  • Group Profile: Retired
  • Current Study: "Revelations. Breaking The Code." How can we discern God's message in this peculiar part of the Bible?
  • Contact the Leader: Dick Arp or Terri Rivera

Connections ( Room C10) 

  • Time: 9:30a
  • Group Profile: Intergenerational / Couples
  • Current Study: 
  • Contact the Leader: Niki Tatum

Serendipity (Room C20 / Church Library) 

  • Time: 9:30a
  • Group Profile: Parents of young - middle-aged children / couples / some empty nesters
  • Contact the Leader: Joy Fries

Hands & Feet | Young Adult Sunday School (Room C8)

  • Time: 11:00a
  • Group Profile: Young Adults (Ages 18-mid 30s)
  • Current Study:  "The Old Testament from the Backside" by Ellsworth Kalas
  • Contact the Leader: Cortni Czechowski

Upcoming Advent Study Groups

Care to dive deeper into our Sunday morning sermon series? Check out a class or group studying a curriculum, written in-house, that corresponds with our Advent series, "Embracing God's Divine Yes"

Check out our Advent group listing Here


Starting Point 

Starting Point is one of the best ways to get connected into deeper fellowship and growth at FMUMC. This six week discipleship group is designed to help familiarize you with core tenets of our Wesleyan theology, and more importantly to help you understand how we integrate our beliefs into practices. The six sessions include:

1. Grace: Where We All Begin

2. Salvation & Growth in Holiness: The Goal of Grace

3. Sin & Awakening: "Do No Harm"

4. Justice & Service: "Do Good"

5. Spiritual Disciplines & Balance: "Stay in Love with God"

6. Church Community & Next Steps

Get to know other folks from the congregation, whether your new to your faith, giving church another chance, or curious about Wesleyan theology. This group welcomes you!

Interested in a Starting Point Class? Contact Pastor Taylor Smith

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